Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hollywood Homes

These homes of the stars postcards are a real favorite of mine. They were a very popular type of postcard back in the day. The first card is dated and the rest are linen type cards from the 1940's.

Click on the links and read about these folks. Very interesting and talented people. Marion Davies had a serious beach home. ENJOY!

~ Home of Pola Negri - Hollywood, California 1932 ~

~ The Beach Home of Marion Davies - Santa Monica ~

~ Residence of Fanny Brice - Bel Air, California ~

~ Home of Janet Gaynor - Santa Monica, California ~

~ Home of Irene Dunne - Holmby Hills, California ~


Major Pepperidge said...

Re: Marion Davies' house: "It's not much, but it's home!".

I wonder if any of these houses still stand?

Heidi Ann said...

The style of Pola Negri's is my favorite in this group, but I think I'll choose Marion Davies' home - love that rooftop getaway!

Paul Duca said...

Marion Davis' beach house was torn down, but the pool was retained and is now part of a community center.