Monday, September 13, 2010

Ghost Mountain Park

Ghost Mountain Park in Maggie Valley, North Carolina, was a theme park that featured an 'old west' theme with the Old Mining Town, overland stage, ghost town street scene, general store, shoot-outs and much more. -- If anybody has more information about this place, please let us know.

Street scene in the Ghost Town - Ghost Mountain Park located at Maggie Valley, North Carolina on U.S. Highway No. 19.

The Mountaineer Town is, in its aown unique creation, an interesting sight to see. The Old Mill and real shops to wander through. The Mystery House is an unbelievable sight... water actually runs uphill. You lose your equilibrium... a wonderful experience.

Ghost Town Marshals gun down bank robbers before the eyes of Chief Marshal and judge standing in front of bank.

Ghost Mountain's Doc Holiday finds slain cowboy's boots two sizes too large after gunfight on streets of Ghost Town.

The Frontier Community Church of Ghost Mountain Park - In a more sentimental mood, the little white church stands like a sentinel at the end of the street. Sunday Services are held here and the view out the window behind the pulpit overlooks a world of high purple mountains, the log green valley and a sky as crystal blue as a gem stone with slowly drifting white clouds.

This view typifies the unconquerable beauty of Western North Carolina... a playground land, a land of pleasant living, a land of virgin unspoiled forests, sparkling streams and lakes... one which lives up to the name by which it has become renowned, "The Land of the Sky".


Anonymous said...

Try "Dixie Before Disney" by Tim Hollis.

Major Pepperidge said...

When I saw the name "Maggie Valley" it rang a bell. I am assuming that this is the same place as the "Ghost Town in the Sky"? It sounds like it, anyway.

There is a rare Viewmaster packet for Ghost Town in the Sky, wish I had it.

Anonymous said...

Looks like this place was just rebuilt in 2007

Viewliner Ltd. said...

Thanks for all the info guys. Much appreciated.