Saturday, September 4, 2010

Knotts in HD - Part 2

Here are more of my favorite 1950s and 60s Knott's Berry Farm postcards. Enjoy and have a great Labor Day Weekend.

Knott's Berry Farm and Ghost Town Street Scene.

Calico Saloon Show Time - French Can-Can dancing highilights the daily shows that include singing to the rinky-tink piano. Enjoy the wildest drink in town, bubbling boysenberry juice. Ladies without escorts, welcome.

Saturday Night in Calico, 1888. From the 20 foot Mural in the Calico Saloon - This huge painting by Paul V. Klieben gives a vivid idea of the famous silver mining town as it appeared in the eighties and of its reckless and adventurous streetlife. Calico Ghost Town, 11 miles out of Barstow on Highway 91 is now being restored to its former glory by Knott's Berry Farm.

Organ Grinder and His Monkey - Music from the organ grinder's Hurdy Gurdy will draw you to the Bottle House where "Shorty" the monkey delights young and old.

This card will give you a faint idea of what we saw at the Covered Wagon Diorama in the old Ghost Town Hotel here. The beautiful night effect of the dramatic panorama, the words and music we heard are something we will never forget. The entire big painting was created in honor of Walter Knott's mother who came by Covered Wagon in 1868 - You must see it when you come here.

Wedding Party - At the office of Judge Roy Bean, Justice of the Peace - The cowboy brings his girl to be married by the Justice of the Peace.


Major Pepperidge said...

I don't know if I've ever seeing that "wedding party" card before, it's neat.

Have a great holiday!

Vicki said...

Just found your blog via OC History Roundup. I am impressed!

Love, love, love anything related to Santa Fe, the Super Chief and Fullerton Train Station. Thanks for all that you do!

TokyoMagic! said...

Yay, more Knott's! Thanks for posting these. That Bottle House pic makes me a little makes me wonder if the organ grinding monkeys ever attacked a guest?

JG said...

Oh THANK YOU THANK YOU for these. Especially Calico. I love that place, just ask the Major.

The saloon slide is a riot.

I'm circulating these across my desktop starting Monday.

Thank you Viewliner.


JG said...

Er, Tuesday. See, these slides are making me look forward to work. How weird is that?

Also doubt that Calico ever occupied any condition remotely considered "glory", these ad-writers, what can you do?