Thursday, October 14, 2010

Model Trains

I know its early, but these model railroad advertising pages from the Fall 1958 issue of Model Trains magazine will give you an idea of what I would like for Christmas. I think the prices have gone up a little though. ENJOY!

Great Santa Fe Railroad, OK Brand trains from Herkimer Tool & Model Works, Inc. - 278 Harter Street, Herkimer, New York.

Kusan-Auburn KMT Model Kits - Nashville, Tennessee - New Haven Railroad Alco PA Locomotive with military railroad equipment.

Model Railroading by Athearn Inc., Dept MT, 11929 S. Western Avenue, Los Angeles 47, California - (These are in fact my favorite brand of model trains)


Heidi Ann said...

Those do, indeed, look pretty nice!
Will they fit in your stocking?

walterworld said...

ATHEARN is still offered as a premium brand. My only wish is that I had, at the present time, the capital to swoop down on a few new items...

A very fun post!

JG said...

Ha, I think I remember that first ad, I think it ran in Boy's Life (for me).

Thanks for this.


Anonymous said...

Herkimer is still in business.
They have been reduced to making custom screws and small parts.

Anonymous said...

My error, apparently Herkimer spun off the train/engine business.
Which is closing in 2013 because of retirement of its owner.