Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Frank Woodruff Buckles

"The Last Known American Veteran of World War I Has Died "

Frank Woodruff Buckles (February 1, 1901 - February 27, 2011)

(Official Associated Press Story)

Charles Town, West Virginia USA- 110-year-old Frank Woodruff Buckles, the last veteran of WWI, died peacefully in his home in Charles Town, West Virginia of natural causes at approximately 12:30 AM on February 27, 2011.

Buckles, who also survived being a civilian POW in the Philippines in World War II, died peacefully of natural causes early Sunday at his home in Charles Town, biographer and family spokesman David DeJonge said in a statement. Buckles turned 110 on Feb. 1 and had been advocating for a national memorial honoring veterans of the Great War in Washington, D.C.

When asked in February 2008 how it felt to be the last of his kind, he said simply, "I realized that somebody had to be, and it was me." And he told The Associated Press he would have done it all over again, "without a doubt."

On Nov. 11, 2008, the 90th anniversary of the end of the war, Buckles attended a ceremony at the grave of World War I Gen. John Pershing in Arlington National Cemetery.

"I can see what they're honoring, the veterans of World War I," he told CNN.

He was back in Washington a year later to endorse a proposal to rededicate the existing World War I memorial on the National Mall as the official National World War I Memorial. He told a Senate panel it was "an excellent idea." The memorial was originally built to honor District of Columbia's war dead.

Born in Missouri in 1901 and raised in Oklahoma, Buckles visited a string of military recruiters after the United States entered the "war to end all wars" in April 1917. He was repeatedly rejected before convincing an Army captain he was 18. He was 16 1/2.

"A boy of (that age), he's not afraid of anything. He wants to get in there," Buckles said.

Details for services and arrangements will be announced later this week. The family asks that donations be made to the National World War One Legacy Project. The project is managed by the nonprofit Survivor Quest and will educate students about Buckles and WWI through a documentary and traveling educational exhibition.


Major Pepperidge said...

What an amazing person. He lived a long life, and I am grateful for his service.

The Viewliner Limited said...

What is truly unreal Major... is that this man saw the whole 20th Century. From the Wright Brothers to walking on the Moon, etc. A great American!