Friday, July 29, 2011

Resting Places

My fascination with motels and roadside America in general is never ending. Having traveled to many like destinations back in the day. Here are some great examples of "resting places" postcards from my collection. Enjoy!

Sun Dial Motel on U.S. 66 and 89 - Gateway to Grand Canyon - Williams, Arizona - Offering nicely furnished, fully carpeted units with tubs and showers. In the tall pine country of Northern Arizona - Phone 257 - Doc and Bea Starkey, Managers.

KON TIKI HOTEL - 24th Street & Van Buren, Phoenix, Arizona - Fabulous Polynesean atmospher in the midst of Phoenix. Only minutes to all business and points of interest. One "short mile" from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. - Come to Kon Tiki and take away a life long memory.

Crestview Motel on U.S. 60-70 West - Wickenburg, Arizona - Phone: Mutual 4-5522 - 14 nicely furnished units, air conditioned by refrigeration. Full tile showers and Panelray vented heat. Cafe adjoining.

N-H Trailer Ranch - 1360 North 3rd Street, Laramie, Wyoming - 35 Pull Through Spaces for Overnighters or Permanent Parking - Woodall 3 Star Rating - Showers and Laundromat - Highway 30 - 287 North.

DENTON CREEK MOTEL - 374 Lake Shore Drive on M-55 & M-18, Zone 16. Prudenville, Michigan. 8 Modern Housekeeping & Overnight Units with Private Beach on Beautiful Houghton Lake. Electric Refrigeration, Good Hunting & Fishing. Boats & Motors. Open Year Around - Phone 2465. Mr. & Mrs. Albert Lettau, Owners.

Holiday Inn Hotel Courts - Memphis, Tenn - 4 Locations - U.S. Hwy. 70, 79 & 64 East - U.S. Hwy. 61 South - U.S. Hwy. 51 South - U.S. Hwy. 51 North - 450 Rooms, 450 Baths. 100% Air Conditioned, Steam Heat. Restaurant in Connection; Sample Rooms. Banquet and Convention Facilities for 500 in "Holiday Room" - Phone 5-7381.


Chiana_Chat said...

I can't explain it but I have a fascination with looking at these too. Imagining myself pulling in after a long drive (in one of these classic boats er cars!) and being behind one of those windows. Even knowing most were far from glamorous. Having a tiki yen myself, I'd definitely go for Kon Tiki. There are some real oldies parked in the Kon Tiki's lot. Yikes the ridiculous Phoenix heat - hope their rooms are "refrigerated" and it's workin'! The pine country of Arizona is sure pretty though.

In a nearby town there are still a few old motels that look so much like the Crestview and Sun Dial kind of thing, but I think they've converted to rentals now. The world's first Motel is also nearby though there is very little left of it anymore. Oh to be on the American road back then. Perchance in a Chevy Nomad, Impala or Caddy hehe. Rose colored glasses I suppose. But still.

Major Pepperidge said...

I thought this was going to be a post about graveyards.

The Kon Tiki Hotel is pretty awesome!

The Viewliner Limited said...

Thank you for the great comment Chiana. Always appreciated, Richard.

You are certifiable Major! LOL! said...

Nice! I love classic motels, too. I go to Barstow, CA to watch the former Santa Fe (now BNSF) whenever I can and that town is a living legacy to Route 66. Your pictures remind me of this. Thanks for sharing.

Randy Kraft said...

The KON TIKI motel was built by Charles Alexander, in partnership with an uncle and the late Wayne L. Romney, a Valley-based motel magnate whose holdings also included Sundancer and Egyptian motels. The architect was Ralph Haver. It opened in 1962 (the building permit was issued in November 1961). It was sold to an San Francisco businessman in 1977. East Van Buren had been bleeding tourists since the late 60s when the new highway to the south was built. The area became a mecca for hookers using the motels and crime chased away whatever snow birds would return to the KON TIKI every winter. By the 1980s, only touring musical acts would stay at the KON TIKI. The rot had set in and the polynesian palace was demolised in 1994 to make way for a vacant lot. The local preservation group tried to save it, but the building was not 50 years old so it didn't qualify for historical status.

Here are some more views:

- R. Kraft