Thursday, January 5, 2012

Burlington Northern

Burlington Northern Railroad - EMD E9(A) - West of Naperville, Illinois, May 22, 1971 - A very early Amtrak "Denver Zephyr", with 4 domes.

Burlington Northern Railroad - EMD E8(A) - La Grange Road, La Grange, Illinois, August 17, 1973 - Note combine to provide head-end power to the bi-levels.

Burlington Northern Railroad - EMD E8(A) - Roosevelt Road, Chicago, Illinois, October 31, 1970 - Another "dinky" leaves downtown Chicago for points west.

All pictures copyright George W. Hamlin - Used with permission - Please visit George's website here.

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Simon said...

Hello, I look for several years Viewliner Ltd. Photos that you upload are very interesting. I like the atmosphere of these photos wich permits to see what looks like the USA yesterday!