Monday, January 30, 2012

More 1939 Deco Fair

The postcard below shows an ELCO Yacht at the RCA Exhibit. The ELCO company is still around today and has a great website. Check it out HERE and read about the history of the company that goes back to the 1890s.

This boat is fully equipped with all the lastest radio devices for communication and safety at sea. It is part of the radio marine section of the Radio Corporation of America Exhibit and was supplied by the ELCO works.

AVIATION BUILDING - The Aviation Building at the New York World's Fair 1939 is designed to give visitors the impression of arriving at a large and busy airport. In the central portion of the structure will be an exhibit of the latest types of planes and of the planes of tomorrow.

The dome like rear portion holds an invisibly suspended transport plane with propellers moving as if in flight. The illusion of motion is to be created by projection of moving clouds and night effects against the curved background.

At floor level will be exhibits of agencies cooperating to increase the safety and speed of air travel. The architect is William Lescaze, with J. Gordon Carr as associate.

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I've always loved that aviation building!