Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Calico Ghost Town

Here are some great vintage Calico postcards. The descriptive text is from the back of the postcards, word for word. The first and last postcards are by the Southwest postcard icon Merle Porter - ENJOY!

Calico is located near the desert town of Yermo, the "Gate-way to the Calicos". Calico was discovered in the spring of 1881 by Frank Mecham, his uncle, Doc Yager and two deputy sheriffs, Tom Warden and Hue Thomas.

They named their find "The King Mine" after Sheriff King, uncle of Walter Knott, who grubstaked the party. The vein was noticed some time before by Lafayette Mecham, father of Frank, who was looking for a horse stolen by Indians.

It was Charles Mecham, a brother to Frank, who struck a pick into horn silver while on a trip with the discovery party. When the price of silver went down the mines closed down as it did not pay to dig the ore out. Calico is one camp that silver never played out...M.P. ~ Photo-color by Merle Porter ~

Commissary - Maggie Mining Co., Calico Ghost Town, Yermo, Calif.
Calico is a restoration project of Knott's Berry Farm.

Calico was discovered in 1870 by Lafayette Mecham, father of Frank and Charles who located the King Mine, when he chased a Piute Indian horse thief into the region. King was Sheriff of San Bernardino County and had grubstaked the brothers.

Calico was remarkable for law and order as it was a town of hard working miners, merchants and their families. The mines never gave out but with the drop in silver price it did not pay to take out the metal...M.P. ~ Photo-color by Merle Porter ~


Pappy said...

Looks like them wimen folk are a-tryin’ to to take that miner fella for all his money. Beware partner!

The Viewliner Limited said...

Sounds like to much Hatfields & McCoys this week.

TokyoMagic! said...

I've never been to Calico! I need to get out there! I wonder how their business is these days?

Major Pepperidge said...

Nice Calico stuff!

Boy oh boy, I had too much Hatfileds and McCoys just waiting for Men In Black 3. TWO lengthy commercials for a show that just doesn't interest me. Thanks AMC theater!

The Viewliner Limited said...

TokyoMagic, The last time I was at Calico was about 4 years ago. And if I remember correctly (and that's getting increasingly harder to do) it cost $6 to get in. And they had a very cute park ranger. Yes, I definitely remember that correctly. LOL!

Major, them Hatfields & McCoys were definitely a bunch of party animals. Liked the show very much. Lots of history. And I like me some history. Will see MIB3 very soon.

Thanks guys!