Monday, January 30, 2012

More 1939 Deco Fair

The postcard below shows an ELCO Yacht at the RCA Exhibit. The ELCO company is still around today and has a great website. Check it out HERE and read about the history of the company that goes back to the 1890s.

This boat is fully equipped with all the lastest radio devices for communication and safety at sea. It is part of the radio marine section of the Radio Corporation of America Exhibit and was supplied by the ELCO works.

AVIATION BUILDING - The Aviation Building at the New York World's Fair 1939 is designed to give visitors the impression of arriving at a large and busy airport. In the central portion of the structure will be an exhibit of the latest types of planes and of the planes of tomorrow.

The dome like rear portion holds an invisibly suspended transport plane with propellers moving as if in flight. The illusion of motion is to be created by projection of moving clouds and night effects against the curved background.

At floor level will be exhibits of agencies cooperating to increase the safety and speed of air travel. The architect is William Lescaze, with J. Gordon Carr as associate.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Universal City Studios

Great postcards from Universal City Studios, California - Copyright 1965.
Nothin' but fun here. ENJOY!

"EUROPE, U.S.A." - A ride through a French street, part of "trip around the world" feature of Universal City tours.

Fearless young tourist on the receiving end of bullwhip demonstration by movie stunt men - Universal City Studios.

The Munsters' lab, one of the highlights on tour at Universal City Studios, complete with Herman Munster and the whole Munster family.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Deco Fair

Here are 5 of my favorite 1939 New York World's Fair postcards.
You gotta love all that DECO!

General Electric Building - The exhibit building will feature three general sections, one devoted to product display, one having a "house of magic" auditorium, and Steinmetz Hall, in which 10 million volts of artificial lightning will be generated and discharged in spectacular fashion for Fair visitors. Harrison and Fouilhoux are the architects.

Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Building - The building is 25,200 square feet and its two great wings are 55 feet high. The great fountain in the center court, 120 feet high, plays a "synchronous symphony of color, sound and water."

Electric Products Building - Mural by Martha Axley depicts the use of electricity in modern industrial life. Architects: Walker and Gillette.

The Du Pont Building - A series of giant retorts and vessels, mounting 100 feet into the sky and filled with gases and liquids in ever changing colors, will emphasize the importance of chemistry in the Du Pont Company's exhibit. The sixty foot mural on the semi-circular wall which encloses the tower and forms the fascade of the building will depict the wonders of chemistry. Walter Dorwin Teague is the designer and A.M. Erickson the engineer.

The Marine Transportation Hall - Twin ship prows, each 80 feet high (30 feet higher than the nose of the Normandie), give a nautical flavor to the main entrance. Sea effect is further enhanced by boat decks, 150 foot mast and large basin for display of yachts and cruisers. Architects of the building were Ely Jacques Kahn, William Muschenheim and Morrison J. Brounn.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

More Signs of LIFE

Mobil Gas station, named "The Happy Landing" featuring a converted commercial passenger plane with Mobil flying red horse logo on its wing, used both as an office and a promotional gimmick to lure customers - Los Angeles 1936 - LIFE Photographer: Alfred Eisenstaedt.

Neon sign and spotlights being used for grand opening of a Jim Dandy Supermarket - December 1945 - LIFE Photographer: Walter Sanders.

A 19 foot chair being used as an advertising stunt in Washington, DC - October 1958 - LIFE Photographer: Ed Clark.

Night exterior of Eavey supermarket - Ft Wayne, Indiana - September 1957 - LIFE Photographer: Francis Miller.

A sign advertising the farm district in Dell City, Texas - October 1960 - LIFE Photographer: Joseph Scherschel.

LINK: LIFE Magazine Photo Archives

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Burlington Northern

Burlington Northern Railroad - EMD E9(A) - West of Naperville, Illinois, May 22, 1971 - A very early Amtrak "Denver Zephyr", with 4 domes.

Burlington Northern Railroad - EMD E8(A) - La Grange Road, La Grange, Illinois, August 17, 1973 - Note combine to provide head-end power to the bi-levels.

Burlington Northern Railroad - EMD E8(A) - Roosevelt Road, Chicago, Illinois, October 31, 1970 - Another "dinky" leaves downtown Chicago for points west.

All pictures copyright George W. Hamlin - Used with permission - Please visit George's website here.