Monday, February 13, 2012

Knotts Berry Farm - 1968

Here are some Knotts Berry Farm pictures from a photo album that belonged to my brother. Taken sometime in 1968. ENJOY!

The Calico Mine Train has been in operation for 8 years when this picture was taken with the great #40 Baldwin C-19 (2-8-0) locomotive, known as the "Green River" in the foreground.

The #40 "Green River" locomotive was built in 1881 by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in Philadelphia. There is no Timber Mountain Log Ride yet. Shortly after this picture was taken, construction will begin and the log ride will open in 1969.

~ Boot Hill - Honest Charlie and Sappho. R.I.P. ~

~ Boot Hill - Family members paying their respects ~

~ Chief of the Knotts Berry Farm indian nation ~

~ A very busy Candy Parlour ~

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Las Vegas - 1940s

"The Spirit of the Old West" where the visitor senses the infectious freedom and tolerant good fellowship and where may be found all the freedom and attractions of an old fashioned Western "Night in Town" - "you pays your money and takes your chance". (Boulder Dam Service Bureau Postcard)

The slowly revolving "Wheel of Fortune" with sparkling mirrors and brightly colored sections, is one of the attractions in most Western gaming houses. Usually placed inside the main entrance, the wheel with its glittering display of color and scintillating light, will cause the sidewalk stroller to pause and give the attendant opportunity to invite him to "Try your Luck - Play a dollar and win ten." (Boulder Dam Service Bureau Postcard)

Play Craps, Roulette, "21", Race Horse. Keno, Bingo, Horse Betting, Poker, Slot Machines or any game you like in this Wild and Wooly city of the West. Here you may win or lose a fortune, fully protected by law. (Burkett Distributing Company Postcard)

Las Vegas is one of the last of the roaring frontier towns and under liberal Nevada laws, provides gambling and other scenes and hilarity reminiscent of the carefree old West. (J. T. Watters Wholesale Company Postcard)