Thursday, January 10, 2013

California Invitation Day 1913

Almost 100 years ago we had a California Invitation Day, September 10, 1913. These postcards, produced by the Southern Pacific Railroad "The Exposition Line" were inviting everyone to come to California in preparation of the upcoming Panama Pacific International Exposition in 1915. An exposition celebrating the completion of the Panama Canal, held in both San Francisco and San Diego.

California always invites, but this is a Special Invitation to YOU. Just now California stands at the threshold of a new world relationship which means fresh growth and still greater prosperity. Come and share it with us, and live where every month of the twelve means health and happiness in the great outdoors.

You would like to know more about California? Write me what subject interests you particularly. I know someone who will be glad to tell you about it. But come this fall if you can, as the Southern Pacific will have low Colonist tickets on sale between September 25th and October 10th. Ask your nearest railroad agent.

Cattle are not the only ones in California that chew the cud of contentment. Dairymen get extra profits from an all the year outdoor climate.

Alfalfa is like history - it repeats itself - and several times a year it rejoices the rancher and his sleek fat stock.

Poultry farming in California is as pleasant as it is profitable. The largest incubator factory in the world is in California, turning out 100,000 fuzzy chicks a month.

A California orange grove is more than a fragrant winter blooming orchard - it is really a gold mine above ground.

The Bridge of Cabrillo leads to the fairy palaces of the Panama California Exposition, at San Diego in 1915. Balboa Park will be a wonder garden as well as a practical demonstration of the value of an ideal climate.

Fruits are dried in California on trays spread over the open ground in the constant sunshine of rainless summer days.

The melting snowflakes of California's eastern mountain wall flow down to her thirsty valleys through man made ditches and make the fertile plains to blossom as the rose.

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Debbie V. said...

WOW. These are such a treasure. Somehow growing up in the smog-filled basin of the LA suburbs of the 1950-60's I missed this.
No wonder people, even here in southeastern Indiana, still talk about California as something special.
Whoever wrote this advertising knew what they were doing.