Thursday, October 31, 2013

More Mt Lowe Railway

Here are some very cool Mt. Lowe, Pacific Electric Railway postcards. ENJOY!

The railway, originally incorporated by Professor Thaddeus S. C. Lowe as the Pasadena & Mt. Wilson Railroad Co. existed from 1893 until its official abandonment in 1938, and had the distinction of being the only scenic mountain, electric traction railroad ever built in the United States.... More info on Wikipedia!

The Alpine Tavern, Mt Lowe, California

Up The Incline, Mt Lowe, California

Birds Eye View of Mt Lowe - Copyright 1913

Alpine Tavern in Winter, Mt Lowe, California

The Circular Bridge, Mt Lowe Division, Pacific Electric Railway

The Fireplace, Alpine Tavern, Mt Lowe, California

On the Mt Lowe Incline Railway, Elevation 3,000 Feet


David said...

For some reason, the train station in Perris, California (now a museum of local history...and a stop for trains from Orange Empire RR Museum) has a big picture of the Mt. Lowe (Alpine) Tavern hanging in the old waiting room. I have pictures I can send, if you want them.

The Viewliner Limited said...

David, I have seen the big picture of the Tavern. Very nice! I have visited the station and the Orange Empire Museum on many occasions and for many, many years. My kids and grand kids loved the place. Thanks for the offer of the pictures... but not necessary. Appreciate the comment, Richard.